G-Accon Case Studies

  • How G-Accon is Powering Colour into the Accounting World

    by Nannette Holliday

    Yes, the heading is correct, particularly according to London accountant Dave Sellick.

    While Dave is a fully qualified accountant, who completed his graduate scheme training with PwC (PriceWaterhouseCooper), he is far from your normally pigeon-holed staid accountant.

    Today, Dave describes himself as a creative accountant, oh not by fiddling the figures but by providing the creative edge in how he presents and delivers his client’s data, documents and figures and keeps them up-to-date.

    In 2014, after leaving the corporate and industry accounting world, Dave worked with fast- moving start-ups, way before the immense hype around today’s start-ups.

    “It was an exciting time,” says Dave. “However, by working as an internal accountant with external accountancy businesses, I felt the majority weren’t delivering value for my clients. I knew external accountants could do better for early stage and small businesses.”