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Automatically generate and email real-time Xero or QuickBooks financial reports to your clients: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly
No more manually exporting/importing data. Use G-Accon to automatically sync Google Sheets with Xero, QuickBooks or HubSpot in both directions.
Your users don't need to have access to Xero, QuickBooks or HubSpot. Share live spreadsheets in Google Drive. Hide any information they don't need to see.

Sync Google Sheets with multiple Xero or QBO companies to check intercompany balances and sales daily. Refresh all companies automatically or manually in one click.
Create or edit Invoices, Transactions, Purchase Orders in Xero from rows in Google Sheets. Create HubSpot Contacts, Deals, Companies from rows in Google Sheets
Connect your spreadsheets to Google Data Studio, Tableau, Power BI, Looker or other BI software. The dashboards will be automatically populated and refreshed by G-Accon add-on.

What our clients are saying about us

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"Great to see G-Accon building out (they also do Hubspot integration too!). We're steadily building out our G-Accon powered set of Google Sheet based reporting systems across our CFO clients. The automated Xero report pulls feeding into our weekly and monthly reporting are saving us a whole lot of time so that we're more real-time and proactive than ever. And if you've got any queries, the team has been super-responsive. Think this is our killer App for 2019"
Remco Marcelis

Standard Ledger

"I've been using Xero for 5 years and found out about this yesterday. This software is just amazing, I have sales team and finance teams that might not have access to Xero as I do, but now I can just prepare each one his / her own reports tailor made in under 5 minutes. This is amazing and I'd like to thank the developers for doing this. Really great work!"
Idan Kfir

Easy Mob

"We've been waiting awhile for this great new product. It's still in Beta, with the extract Reports function just recently released. But its stunning! I've run the Data Table extract for a number of months now, and its been flawless. Reports I have only a week or so of experience with. But the options they provide to customize the output, as well as the detail scheduling available, make this tool invaluable and unique for getting QBOL data out into G-Sheets. Thank you G-Accon for this totally valuable tool."
Jeff Bush


"Fantastic add-on! I've been able to remove a lot of monotonous work that needed detail and I've been able to setup alerts when changes occur on my reports. Very efficient and forward thinking. Andrey is brilliant and on top of all my queries."
Fred Wagenvoorde

Cloud Accountant

"G-Accon is a fantastic plugin! As a cloud integrator specialist I can't express how magical this plugin has been in delivering important and relevant data to my clients all with a click of a button."
Bryan Fernando

Cloud Integrator

"G-Accon allows me to prepare the most requested report NOT in Xero - profit and loss by tracking category with filters. Without it I would be lost in excel for hours pulling this report together. G-Accon is a crucial and indispensable tool for Xero"
Sue Binney

Quick Smart Accounts

DevOps: The need to deliver high quality software faster has become a critical for companies to stay competitive in their markets.

Cloud Integration: Lower Operational Costs, Free Up Existing Data Center Space, Reduce Complexity, Reduce Security Risk.

We Do Agile: agile is core to our culture. Agile methodology is front and center in what we do. We deliver Agile Software Development at Scale & Value.


How to build advanced Xero & QBO data queries in Google Sheets

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G-Accon for HubSpot Product Overview
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